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Story Thread

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Story Thread Empty Story Thread

Post by Mark on Thu Jul 09, 2015 10:49 am

Hey guys!  I thought that making a thread where everyone can post their stories would be really neat, so here it is!  You guys can all post your own stories on this thread as much as you want ^^  

Rule of thumb:
-No plagiarism (stealing an idea from someone and making it just a little different.  Look up official definition)
-Don't get offended when people critique you!  (These people critiquing you are doing this to help you learn and grow. Just accept their advice and make your stories even better. ;)  Besides, the writer's goal is to draw readers in and accept advice to get more people to read and enjoy your work)

Plagiarism is the worst thing that all writers must be aware of.  This means that you could read or watch a show, think it's cool, and completely steal that incredible idea.  For instance, making a book about demigods that lived at a camp.  That'd be plagiarism, even if it's about different people and not Percy Jackson.  This is a good thing for all writers to know and keep in mind.  In any case, it's not wrong to see a small concept in a book and use that.  For me, I watched a show called Sword Art Online and it showed me that I should design monsters and have sword fights in my new book.  Although my story is similar with both main characters getting stuck in a video game, the two are incredibly different.  Sword Art Online had 10,000 people stuck in there without a logout button, my book has the main character literally pulled out of reality and placed in the game without any levels and outside the system altogether.  You can take a concept from a book/show/movie and turn it into your own story, but you have to make it your own and not steal their personal ideas.

Now, with all of that said, everyone is free to write any story on this thread that they desire ^^  I'll start off with a short story I wrote c:

Dreaming Legends (Part 1 of idk how many parts I'll make it into)

“Trixy, get out of here!  Wake up!  If you don’t, then they’ll get you.  Please…  Trixy, please!”
I woke up with a start.  That voice from my dream had pleaded, wept, and begged for me to wake up.  Because I woke up so quickly, I forgot the dream altogether.  All except for the shining cyan eyes that plead with me.  The only thing I could remember from the dream was that adventure, fright, and those eyes.  Before I contemplated things more, I realized what day it was.  It was moving day.  I dreaded for the sun to announce this day.  The whispering winds from the north bade a gentle welcome to the world through my open window, but a welcome to a day I didn’t wish for.  My father helped pack all of the heavy bags into the moving truck, while I carried some pillows.  I loved my mother and father so deeply, even if I didn't want to move, if I didn’t do dishes right away, or when I didn't enjoy my father joking about silly nonsense.  They were my family, and that's all that mattered to me on a distressing day.  We crossed over countless towns and cities on the trip.  Mom reassured that this would be for the better, but how?  I was moving away from my dearest friends.  I grew bored with their talking.  Before I knew it, we arrived at our new home.
I can't wait for school to begin.  That way, I can be distracted from the fact that I won’t see my best friends anymore.  But what if no one likes me?  I miss my old friends, but a new beginning might be a full adventure in itself.   I finished writing in my personal journal and closed it ever so gently.  It was late at night and I couldn’t sleep.  I tossed and turned in my overly warm bed with blaring questions of what ifs and what now.  So many feelings pulsed through my mind, making it impossible to sleep.  Kelsey would know how to work through this.  She knows the answer to everything.  
The sun rose high into the sky.  It was a new dawn of a new time in my life.  I rushed down the stairs, grabbed a granola bar, that tasted awful, and ran out the door.  I barely made it to the bus, which was crowded with rowdy teenagers.  They all looked quite rude and ready to attack you.  They hurled insults at one another like people were objects that had no emotions.  Fortunately, the bus ride shouldn't be terribly long, but long enough to cause butterflies to form in my stomach.  A paper airplane landed in my hair with some nasty note falling out. A few boys snickered at me as the vehicle rolled to a stop.  Where did these kids learn their manners…?  I observed the school to my right, and I was shocked.  Forgetting about everyone around me, I rushed out the bus to the double doors of the school.  I opened them to reveal a huge, clean, modern school.  The marble like floors seemed shinier than my last school, and the hallway was alive with the buzz of chatter and footsteps.  There was two stories and a giant white staircase led up to the next level.  The atmosphere was bright from the roof being all glass.  Maybe this school wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be.

I hope you enjoyed that!  Please post your own stories too, critique mine and others stories and writing, and have fun ^^

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Story Thread Empty Re: Story Thread

Post by Jean+KatyP+Dog=♥ on Thu Jul 09, 2015 8:00 pm

That was really good Mark! Can't wait to hear more :D

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Story Thread Empty Re: Story Thread

Post by Mark on Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:19 pm

Dreaming Legends (part 2 of 4 probably)
"Oh look, it's a new girl." a voice interrupted my thoughts; proving me wrong.
"Can I help you?" I responded.
"I don't think so.  You don't look like the kind of person that belongs in a school like this.  I think you're at the wrong school."
I had to think for a moment before responding so then I would not cause a fight on my very first day.  "Well, even if you are not too thrilled on having me, I look forward to getting to know you guys more as the year goes on.  It was a sincere pleasure to meet you.”  With that, I walked away from the group of girls that talked over me.  My parents always taught me to fight people with nice comments.  That got on their nerves the most.  It usually worked with most people, but not always.  To my surprise, I noticed a large swarm of people had crowded to watch me with shocked faces.  What are they staring at?  Are they staring at me?  The other girls, probably the ‘popular’ group, glowered at me and sulked their way to class.  
Time passed and I met many people, including many handsome boys that struck me as dumb ignoramuses.  One of them approached me after history and gloated about himself and mentioned that his name was Blake.  I quickly brushed him aside.  It’s not like people from California, like me, were supposed to be noticed so quickly.  Finally, the bell rang for next class and I rushed out of that cold, selfish hearted prison of history.  Blake was getting on my nerves.  The next thing I knew, I tripped over someone.  It was a boy that was sitting in the school hallway with a black hoody.
“Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!  I was just going to my math class and I. . . Oh what the heck, I should have watched where I was going.  Am I talking too much?  I do that sometimes.”
“It’s alright.” a kind voice emanated from under the black hood.  He reminded me of darkness, but his stunning blue eyes of sapphire pierced through the shadows of his hood.  He seemed to be examining me as I walked past him to my math class.  His face didn’t leave my mind as the teacher reviewed math from the previous year.  His face was clearly defined and young, he had hair like a raven’s wing, and he seemed just the tiniest bit pale.  The interesting thing about him was that he had no blemishes.  Maybe I’d see him again.
By the time I left school and walked home, I was completely spent physically and mentally.  Those girls made sure to visit me before I left.  They were pretty annoying, and the school seemed to be afraid of them.  I wasn’t afraid of them, they were just like leeches trying to get a reaction out of people.  I made it home and like most nights, I told my parents of how it was at school.  They seemed intrigued about my classes, about Blake, and everything.  I was close enough to them to literally tell them everything that happened in my day.  
“Did any of those boys give you any trouble?” Dad spoke up.
“No, no,” I quickly cut him off.  “They were just fine.  The girls, they were more annoying than anyone.  Blake was just kinda, in your face… sort of.”
“Well, it sounded like you had a decent day today.” Mom chimed in.  “Did you finish your homework?”
“Yeah, during free time.  It wasn’t that hard.”
“Good.  Tomorrow is going to be another long day for you, so I suggest you head to bed.”
“Ok…” I murmured.  I was ushered to my bedroom and kissed a sweet goodnight from my parents.  They didn’t want me worn down for my next day.  I was thankful to call them my own, but sometimes they can be a bit overbearing.  The memories of the day trickled away and my dreams sucked me into a new world.

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Story Thread Empty Re: Story Thread

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 18, 2015 4:56 am


The Ugly Barnacle
a story written by Patrick Star

Once there was an ugly barnacle.
He was so ugly that everyone died!

The end.



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Post by Sponsored content

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